ISO 9001 : 2000/ ISO 9001 : 2008/ ISO 9001:2015

AS Puit-Profiil seeks to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the products and services offered. For this purpose, we have developed and implemented a quality management system which is continually enhanced and upgraded.
Our long-term success is ensured by customer satisfaction achieved through efficient implementation of corporate processes.
To be deemed of high quality, a product or service must comply with the established requirements, be manufactured in a timely manner and serve the best interests of the parties involved.
Customer satisfaction is the most important quality criterion.
Our quality management system is based on:
·       the responsibility of each employee for the work performed;
·       the balanced satisfaction of all needs of the parties involved;
·       staff enrichment and awareness-raising;
·       systematic management and performance of activities;
·       management responsibility to create, implement and continually improve the system.
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