AS Puit-Profiil uses Estonian, Latvian and Finnish sawn timber with the FSC marking for the production of glue-laminated timber.
AS Puit-Profiil inspects the timber in accordance with FSC Principles, avoiding:
  • illegally harvested timber;
  • timber harvested through violation of human rights and customary law;
  • timber harvested from high conservation value forests where the conservation values are endangered due to economic activity;
  • timber harvested from natural forests transformed into plantations or forests used as non-forest-land;
  • timber harvested from forests where GMOs have been introduced.
Please do not hesitate to contact our FSC specialists if you have further questions concerning our purchase policy or evidence that any of our suppliers is involved in supplying illegal sawn timber.


Puit-Profiil AS is an organization operating in the field of wood industry. In accordance with the Constitution of Estonia and the Employment Contracts Act, the company implements the following workforce policy.


The main strategic priorities of Puit-Profiil AS workforce recruitment are:

  1. Puit-Profiil AS does not use child labour in its production.
  2. Forms of forced and compulsory labour are not applied.
  3. No discrimination is used in employment practices.
  4. Employees have the freedom to create and belong to organizations.

In order to implement the basic principles presented above, measurable activities that concretize the principles are presented in point no 4 of the organization’s quality manual.

Puit-Profiil AS has undertaken to fulfill the workforce requirements applicable to it and to continuously improve and map their performance.

This workforce policy and the resulting goals have been introduced to all members of the organization on the notice board and are available to interested parties if required.

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