Puit-Profiil AS was founded in 1994. The field of activity of the company is the production of window and door component blanks from laminated timber.

The company has 100 employees with the production output of more than 40 000 m3 laminated timber products a year.

The raw material used is sawn pine, which is purchased mainly from Estonian sawmills.

The majority of production is sold to Scandinavian window and door factories.


During the period 01.10.2019-30.09.2022 the company implemented the EIC (Environmental Investment Centre) resource efficiency project "Resource efficient wood industry Puit-Profiil AS".

The aim of the project "Resource efficient wood  industry Puit-Profiil AS" was to improve the company's resource usage and resource productivity, increase the efficiency of wood use and reduce the production waste.

The implementation of the new technologies will lead the company to the wider portfolio, increase of the production capacity and increase of the resource usage by 5,7%.

The total cost of the project was 4 506 342 €, of which the European Regional Development Fund contribution was 1 577 219,7 €.

In addition to the total project cost, the company invested 1 500 000 € for improvement of the buildings.

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